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Limited Production Panel
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We are currently making more of our Limited Production Panels for you. If you are on our mailing list, you will be first to know when they are available.

Want to try something different? From time to time we introduce Limited Edition runs of specialty Claessens® linens for you to experiment with.  We regularly import distinctive rolls of Claessens® products featuring unique weaves and priming options.  Find one you like?  Let us know and it may just be added to our regular panel lines.

These offerings have limited quantities as we test their popularity.  Please check back to this page often as the selection is ever-changing.

Premium Line® Universal Line®
Premium Line®
Claessens® #70
Oil-Primed Linen - Rough Weave
Slightly more texture than #17.
Universal Line®
Claessens® #166
Acrylic-Primed Linen - Medium Weave
Same linen as #66 but with acrylic priming

Natural Line®

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American Flag Our panels are handcrafted with pride in the U.S.A.!

Please note that prices listed below are per panel, and that panels are sold in packs of 5 each on sizes up to 16x20, and individually on sizes 18x24 and above.

To Order:

  • Select the desired product group from the chart above, or simply scroll down through the charts to see the available options. 

  • Check the box next to the size you would like to order and enter the number of 5-packs you want in the "Qty" field.

  • Hit ENTER or select "Add to Cart" at the bottom of the page.

    This will take you to your Shopping Cart where you can modify your order, checkout or continue shopping through the Online Store for additional items.

Limited Production Run
Claessens® #70
Oil-Primed Linen - Rough Weave

Label Claessens #70 

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Limited Production Run
Claessens® #166
Acrylic-Primed Landscape Linen




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