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Rolled Canvas & Linen
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SourceTek Canvas Rolls Claessens Factory in Belgium

How Canvas is Made


Claessens® produces only the highest quality hand-primed linen and cotton canvases, with each roll going through several processes to create a flawless finish.

For landscape painting we offer the single oil-primed Claessens® #66 linen which has an even medium texture, tight weave and excellent strength.  Our portrait line, the single oil-primed Claessens® #13 linen, has an extra smooth fine texture and tight weave.  The Claessens® #12TS cotton canvas offers a high-grade, medium weave cotton with superior acrylic-priming. Page down to see all the remnant sizes available.

For more information, call us at 1 (800) 587-5462.  All of Claessens''® other canvases are also available by special order.*

* See Special Order page for more information.

Claessens Canvas Rolls Claessens® Linen and Cotton
Claessens Landscape Sample
Claessens® #66 Landscape
Single Oil-Primed Linen
  Claessens Portrait Sample
Claessens®  #13
Single Oil-Primed Linen
  Claessens Cotton Sample
  Claessens®  #12TS
(Click canvas thumbnails to see samples enlarged)


Average length of the remnants is 25 inches long by the width selected. 
For example, the 30 inch width would be 25" x 30".

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Qty Product ID Description Size (width) MSRP Our Price
CL66R20X25ClaessensŪ #66, Landscape Oil-Primed Linen - Remnant20 x 2529.9714.99
CL66R27X25ClaessensŪ #66, Landscape Oil-Primed Linen - Remnant27 x 2540.4720.23
CL66R30X25ClaessensŪ #66, Landscape Oil-Primed Linen - Remnant30 x 2544.9622.48
CL13R20X25ClaessensŪ #13, Portrait Oil-Primed Linen - Remnant20 x 2545.7322.87
CL13R27X25ClaessensŪ #13, Portrait Oil-Primed Linen - Remnant27 x 2561.7430.87
CL13R30X25ClaessensŪ #13, Portrait Oil-Primed Linen - Remnant30 x 2568.6034.30
CL12R20X25ClaessensŪ #12ts, Landscape Acrylic-Primed Cotton - Remnant20 x 2524.6112.30
CL12R27X25ClaessensŪ #12ts, Landscape Acrylic-Primed Cotton - Remnant27 x 2533.2216.61
CL12R30X25ClaessensŪ #12ts, Landscape Acrylicl-Primed Cotton - Remnant30 x 2536.9118.46

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