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We are proud to offer some of the finest art supplies available, including Tube-Wringers® and View-Catchers. The D-Lead soap line is one of the most unique and essential safety products we have seen!  Page down to see all the products. 

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Tube Wringer®

This deluxe Tube-Wringer® efficiently squeezes about 99% of the contents from tubes of paint, caulk, adhesives, etc... Nearly indestructible with aluminum handles and steel rollers, this industrial grade Tube-Wringer® will last years under normal use, and pay for itself in short order.  4 1/4" long X 3 1/4" wide X 1 1/2" tall.

Images Qty Product ID Description Retail Our Price

Tube Wringer®

G401 Tube Wringer®



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Gray Scale & Value Finder

Determine color values and intensities with this Gray Scale and Value Finder!  It allows the artist to identify the value of individual hues. Simply surround a color with the various cutouts representing different shades of gray to interpret the value and difference in hues and colors. This handy pocket-sized tool measures 4" X 6".

Images Qty Product ID Description Retail Our Price

Gray Scale & View Finder

GS0406 Gray Scale & Value Finder4.75 3.49

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Pocket Color Wheel

This handy tool teaches color relationships in a circular format allowing the user to visualize how colors relate to one another. Features include a pocket-sized portable format, primary color mixtures, tints and tones, complementary harmonies, warm and cool colors, gray scale, terms, and definitions.  5 1/8" in diameter.

Images Qty Product ID Description Retail Our Price
Color Wheel
CWP0525 Color Wheel5.95 4.30

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View Catcher

This lightweight tool helps the user create strong compositions and crop images or scenes using the adjustable viewing window, and quickly see correct color values using the small site opening. The viewing window can be adjusted to find the perfect composition horizontally, vertically or in a square format. You can adjust the slider to a custom format or use any of the premarked standard sizes from 08X10 through 12X16!  It is constructed of durable ABS plastic in a neutral gray color. Measures just 3 1/2" X 3 1/2". Includes an instruction sheet.

To read more about this product click the links below:
Instruction Card
Quick Reference Sheet
Sales Brochure

Images Qty Product ID Description Retail Our Price
VC7002 View Catcher16.95 9.99

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D-Lead Hand Soap and Towelettes effectively remove lead, cadmium, cobalt, manganese, nickel, zinc and other heavy metals associated with artist paints.  D-Lead products quickly and safely remove heavy metals from hands, arms, face, and fingernails in less than 60 seconds.  We offer the D-Lead Liquid Hand Soap in the 8 ounce size for use in the studio.

Images Qty Product ID Description Retail Our Price

H1050-01 - This professional quality nickel-plated brass palette cup with rubber seal offers airtight convenience for years of use.  2 3/8" at its widest diameter with a 1 3/8" screw on cap.

DLHS08 D-Lead® Hand Soap, 8 oz8.99 6.49

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The D-Wipe Towelettes do the same job as the Hand Soap in a convenient, individually wrapped towelette.   They effectively remove lead, cadmium, cobalt, manganese, nickel, zinc and other heavy metals associated with artist paints.  They are particularly handy for clean-up in the field and pack easily into your pochade box or backpack.   Available in 5 packs or 25 packs and canisters of 40 for the studio.

Please note that waste water from the use of environmentally friendly D-Lead products is treatable by standard methods used in water treatment, and these methods result in full recovery of waste metals. D-Lead products are low-sudsing and phosphate free.

Images Qty Product ID Description Retail Our Price
DWT05 D-Wipe® Towelettes (5/package) 7.50 5.49

D-Wipe® Towelettes (25/package)
 (SAVE 35%)

26.99 17.99
DWT40 D-Wipe® Towelettes (40/canister) 13.95 9.99

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