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Workshop Supplies

Wayne Wolfe
Wayne Wolfe painting on location.

"When I studied with Robert Lougheed in Santa Fe, he stressed the importance of always being a pro -- in your attitude, in your integrity, and with your materials.  For me to make my own panels is a waste of precious time.  That's why I thankfully use SourceTek panels for plein air painting. I have confidence in their professionalism."

-Wayne Wolfe

Matt Smith teaching students on location.

Using the best materials allows the artist to focus entirely on the subject. We already know that. But having the best supplies for your workshop can truly enhance the overall experience. Not having to spend time working to correct problems resulting from inferior products allows the student to really focus on the instructor.

We are often asked what supplies a particular instructor uses. This page will be a landing spot for students attending workshops and looking for the same supplies the pros use. These nationally recognized artists have spent years sampling the products available in the marketplace, and have narrowed that selection down to the ones which are of the highest quality and make their job easier.

Each instructor featured below has their own page which will showcase the products they use, and a listing of those products that we sell. Specially packaged and discounted supplies will make your shopping experience easier and save you money. If you don't see your instructor here, drop us a line and we will contact them to find out how we can be of service.

Workshop Supplies Workshop Supplies Workshop Supplies
Kim Casebeer Valerie Collymore Matt Smith Kristen Olson Stone

Check back often as the page is constantly growing to feature new instructors.

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