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Kathy Cooper was raised in San Antonio, Texas by parents who encouraged her artistic talents early on.  It was at Southwest Texas State University that Kathy decided on a career in commercial art and advertising.  This direction led her into illustration, marketing & advertising, publishing design and into New England.  After 20 years in this field, Kathy turned her focus back to fine art.  Her desire to share her knowledge in fine art lead her to open her own small atelier in her Massachusetts studio, and to conduct workshops around the country in such locations as the artistically historical Monhegan Island, Maine. Kathy paints from life in her studio in Westford, Massachusetts and en plein air around New England.  She is inspired by the beauty of fresh flowers set around things of the past as well as landscapes.  Her work is a delicate balance between energy and preciseness of the subject depicting an incredible attraction to her work.

“Items from the past are comforting to me,” she says, “they remind me of my grandparent’s homes. They led simple lives and my grandmothers had few cherished items such as handmade lace, and depression ware. I believe these memories are what draw me to these items of the past. It may be why people are drawn to my paintings – reminding them of a romantic, yet simpler time.”

Kathy has been very involved in national art organizations such as Women Artists of the West and presently, American Impressionist Society where she serves as President and Show Chair.  She works with and promotes the most prominent American impressionist painters of our time.

“I am incredibly proud to be involved in such a noteworthy period of American Art. We are currently enjoying an abundance of artistic talent in the United States. These artists are not only creating masterpieces to fill museums, but are instructing and nourishing our American culture.  As President of American Impressionist Society, I am surrounded by artists who will go down in history as being monumental in retaining and passing along the skill of representational and impressionistic painting for the generations to come. This is living my passion.”

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