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We are proud to have these nationally recognized professionals using our products!

"At The Holdup", oil, 12" x 16"

Bill Anton

"I have always felt that an artist's time away from painting is time wasted.  SourceTek panels allow me a quick, reliable and high quality surface for outdoor or studio work."

"Roses Copper Pot"

Joe Anna Arnett

"For years, I made my own plein air panels by mounting oil-primed linen to Baltic birch wood using acid-free adhesive. The process was time consuming, but the quality of the panel was superior to anything commercially available. SourceTek prepares their panels the same way. These beautifully crafted panels give me the quality surface I demand and save me precious hours of preparation time."

Greg Beecham

"It has been a number of years since I was introduced to SourceTek as a resource. Since then, I have used their panels for all my work from the smallest (usually 9"X 12") to 18"X 24". 

Before I discovered SourceTek, I had determined that, for me, Claessens #13 primed portrait linen was my favorite linen to work on.  So I was happy to find that it is one of the linens they offered.  I never worry about their linen separating from the board - because it simply doesn't happen!  Their panels are very high quality.

SourceTek is a friendly, reliable company. The turn-around between my order and it arriving at my studio door is always fast.  I am pleased to endorse them."

Teal Blake Painting

Teal Blake

“I have found a consistent quality in SourceTek canvas panels. When each piece requires the best possible attention, it helps to know that my materials are going to hold up and deliver on their end. "

Tom Browning

Tom Browning

"I have been using the services and products of SourceTek for some time, and have always found the experience very satisfying. The quality of their canvas products is excellent, and SourceTek is always willing to go the extra mile to see that I’m happy and remain a satisfied customer. Their attention to personal needs is beyond what you will find in any other company dealing with these types of art products, and I have developed a great and trusting relationship with the folks there. I would definitely recommend other artists and friends give SourceTek and their products a try."

"Eyes of the Future", Oil, 12" x 9" "Curious", Oil, 12" x 12"

Scott Burdick and Susan Lyon

"The people at SourceTek have been supplying artists like us with materials of the highest quality for so long that we imagine most galleries in the country have their panels and canvases hanging on their walls! We like their products not only because of how superior they are, but also because the people there are so nice and easy to deal with!"

Kathy Cooper

"I used to make my own oil-primed linen panels for cost and quality reasons.  I was thrilled to have found SourceTek panels.  They use the same archival quality materials to create a great product at a great price.  It is such a joy to spend my time painting instead!  I use them for studio painting and en plein air, and my students are enjoying these panels as well.  I recommend these panels for every oil painter concerned about quality painting products."

Valerie Craig

SourceTek provides a top notch product and first rate customer service. I have relied on these beautiful Claessens linen panels for both studio and outdoor painting for many years.  The lighter weight Gatorboard®panels are ideal for travel.  I highly recommend these high quality panels as well as the Silver Brushes.

The people there consistently deliver expert craftsmanship, and are so easy and friendly to work with!"

Glenn Dean

Glenn Dean

"SourceTek panels are always reliable in their consistency, precision, and use of the highest quality materials. Whether I am working in the studio or in the field, SourceTek offers a variety of sizes and supports, making them my first choice in canvas panels."

Samual Earp

Samuel Earp

"SourceTek panels are lovely to paint on and a joy to use. I like the Belgian linen mounted on Baltic birch, and they even smell nice! As a plein air painter it is important to have reliable and quality materials to work with, and everything about SourceTek panels emanates quality, reliability and craftsmanship.

I’m so happy to have found a these excellent panels to paint on, especially as it saves me hours of time having to make my own."

Gay Faulkenberry

"As a professional artist, having good quality materials is top priority. SourceTek canvas panels are the perfect fit for my outdoor work as well as many of my smaller works done in the studio. The linen canvas is what I've used for many years and knowing they are put together with care and quality craftsmanship is key.  It's exciting to see how SourceTek has grown and continues to expand their business to include a wide range of top supplies."

George Hallmark

"It is all about time. For years I prepared my own painting surface. I started out on Masonite panels, graduated to stretching linen, and then began mounting canvas on board. Each process took time. When I discovered SourceTek I was overjoyed.

No sawing, no glue and no waiting . . . what a relief! The best part is that their oil primed linen panels on Baltic birch are far better than what I could make. It’s all about time!"

Ralph Oberg Painting

Ralph Oberg

"These panels represent the quality in materials and workmanship that I have come to expect. I can now dedicate more time to my painting instead of making them myself."

Kristen Olson Stone

Kristen Olson Stone

"The look and feel of SourceTek panels is wonderful, and it is my very favorite surface to paint on. I have been recommending SourceTek panels to my students for many years and I have received 100% glowing feedback on the great quality. I have used hundreds of these panels and never had a bad one. In a nutshell, they are the best!"

For Kristen's workshops, we offer specially packaged and discounted supplies from her recommended supply list. Visit the Online Store or click Workshop Supply to go directly to her page.

Ch. Marianburg’s Mary Hartman

Constance Payne

"SourceTek panels are the closest a contemporary artist who values the historical legacy of painting can come to emulating the ideals of the past.  It is essential that I use the best linen surfaces, so their panels are the best solution for my work."

William F. Reese was one of the great artists of our time.  His painterly ability and magnificent sculptures inspired  many artists to strive to achieve their own distinction.  His giving and sharing presence will be deeply missed.  In Memoriam, 1938 - 2010.


William F. Reese

"Quality work cannot be made without quality tools and materials.  I highly recommend SourceTek's panels and Silver brushes - in fact their whole line.  With SourceTek you can depend on top quality, good prices and best of all, the second time you order you will be talking to a friend."

Matt Smith

"SourceTek offers the ideal artist panel combining portability, durability and permanence. Their quality, service and workmanship are second to none.  I’ve used these panels for years, both in the field and in the studio."

For Matt's workshops, we offer specially packaged and discounted supplies from his recommended supply list. Visit the Online Store or click Workshop Supply to go directly to his page.

Don Stone was an outstanding artist who was recognized for his stunning impressionistic oil paintings.  His ability to draw the viewer into his excellent marine and landscape scenes was recognized with full membership in the National Academy of Design, among numerous other accolades during his lifetime.  He will be deeply missed.  In Memoriam, 1929 - 2015.
Rowing Ashore

Don Stone, N.A.

"In my years of painting I have been in search of what SourceTek has come out with - the perfect canvas panels.  They use the same Claessens Belgian linen that I use for my larger paintings and mount it on a lightweight birch plywood, which makes the panels convenient for travel.  In my opinion this is the best canvas panel on the market today."

On The Side of Hahns Peak

George Strickland

"A few years ago I did the math on how my time was best spent as an artist.  My conclusion was that I needed to concentrate my efforts on drawing and painting, not making materials.  I found, for instance, that quality ready-made panels like those from SourceTek cost me less than 1% of the price of a small painting.  It made sense then, and it makes sense now, to have professional grade panels made by professionals."

Elizabeth Tolley

"Before these professional archival panels were available, I made my own panels using oil primed linen.  I know the time, materials and cost incurred making a quality panel.  It makes sense for me to paint and have the experts at SourceTek make the panels.  I use the Premium Lines 66 and 13 for my plein air and studio work. 

I have come to depend on SourceTek for top notch service as well as the quality products they offer."

Morning Graze

Dustin Van Wechel

"I've been using SourceTek linen panels for years now. Their panels are of the highest quality and their diverse selection of sizes and supports make getting any panel I need for any occasion — whether for in the studio or for a deep wilderness painting trip — time-saving and simple.

I never have to worry about the quality of materials or the workmanship that goes into these great panels, as they always meet my expectations."

Curt Walters

"SourceTek canvas panels are a well-crafted product whose consistency and quality are extremely well suited for a permanent painting. In addition to a superior product, SourceTek’s service is exceptional and reliable as well. They have always allowed me to order custom-sized panels for which I am so grateful. SourceTek canvas panels are a staple of both my studio and plein air painting."

"Apple Girl", oil, 20" x 30"

Morgan Weistling

"SourceTek panels are superior to anything else I have ever used. They are primarily talked about for plein air painting, but I am a figure painter and find them to be fantastic for portraits and figures and use them on many of my gallery paintings. I require them for my workshop students as well."

Below Chair Mountain

Wayne Wolfe

"When I studied with Robert Lougheed in Santa Fe, he stressed the importance of always being a pro -- in your attitude, in your integrity, and with your materials. For me to make my own panels is a waste of precious time. That's why I thankfully use SourceTek panels for plein air painting. I have confidence in their professionalism."

The Morning Muse  14x18

Dan Young

"As a professional artist I look for top quality supplies that make my job easier.  SourceTek panels meet that need! The sturdy birch panels are an ideal companion with my paint box for working on location."

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